Friday, November 22, 2013

inSpirites of proto-#Jez3Prez

if i could be satisfied as anybeing in the world, it would be as the inSpirites in the Mind of my Anarchives. -- #Jez3Prez

For the Picture "Is" show at Good Faith Space...4-6 images...well i must be trying to break the gallery walls with this infinite set of [#] images...updated [potentially] as like things tend to attract more versions of themseves, according to the axiom of Social Affinity: Non-Opposites do attract.

the images are "mine" in the sense that I am a crystal filter of images thru the "I"s of my Friendz....and our Others.......but anyway let me just tell you how these images of "mine" came to be.....................................................

Shocked by the power of a totally manufactured process which produces a photograph of beautiful models acting out an evocative scene in order to force me to want one of the "real love stories," i decided to stain the page in a similar process as Auguste Rodin's nude water colors to make this fairy tale a little sexier ;^)
Collage water-color in Minneapolis, MN, ca. 2008.

"The morning after I [almost] died" was taken at dawn, lying up in a sleeping bag in a damp bivy sack after a cold sleepless night, before Richard and I [who would later collaborate on writing The Horizon of Objectivity: An evaluation of knowledge paradigms] would attempt to hike our last day out of the Lake Superior Hiking Trail, both of us on nearly empty stomachs and suffering from giardia. 
Photograph ca. June 2008

Shvliko, personal yogi and inversion specialist, traveled to New York during my first spring there and we traveled to many places where he did handstands on everything.  He is now a medical student in North Dakota, one of a strange troupe from this state who helped invent Occupy Wall Street when he lived there in 2011; he led the first sessions of Wall Street Yoga for the Wall Street Arts and Culture group of the autonomous assembly organization unofficially titled "the New York City General Assembly" (NYCGA), previously reported on in this column.

Orian, an Eagle person originating from somewhere around California, hereby perching upon a slowly, decaying tree in this copse of leafy trees in Prospect Park, ca. 2011.  Orian's work adorned the walls of Magic Mountain (also known Andrea's Place, a temporary centralized habitat of the Novads).  

I almost didn't include this photo because I didn't feel it was "good enough" [I wish I could erase the detrimental way in which this concept has influenced my personality as an optimistic Methodist North Dakotan, whose parents never said it was easy, but never said it would be soooooooooooo hard.  They try very hard to keep me from straying far from home, excited by the life of adventure and terrified of doing it themselves.  Felicity, a photographer, who visited me during my summer in Paris, and when we later embarked on a momentous trip into the Mediterranean, nights in Girona, Barcelona, went to the Dali museum and Cas de Ques and all.  Now that I look at the photo again, it's just not bad...she's lounging, other ppl are's very when I see it I just think "Paris -- Buttes de Chaumont" watching the sun set over Paris.  (Paris is still one of the most beautiful cities to look at, tho it has a fascism of beauty.)  Felicity is one of the many sides of myself that I miss seeing on a regular basis and I look forward to visiting her some soon afternoon.

#7thFashion comes from the "Water Cave period" in the anarchives of #Jez3Prez.  Only a few people have ever experienced the Water Cave and it's delights, but many look forward to another exciting trip there. 

This is my first BIG painting, whose existence is inextricably linked to my education & experiments with Sarah Demke.

[insert other BIG painting picture here] 

This is a better picture of it.