Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We Cacklin' Absurd

Bein' cynically modern, as we are,
w' learn to take nothin'
too seriously.

Makin' horror stories 'bout funny things.
Psychotic teenage axe murderers
Paris Hilton

But what's a laugh
inna tha face a

Look in 't
pupils dug like deep holes
cave-like nostrils echoin', symmetrically moanin'
Archimedean spirals 'n each side a ya head, en
yer gaping mouth, lik'n inverted cone, where light falls inna the pit, deep 'n infinite.
Masks fer e'rbody.
It's transparent and terrifyin', precisely
it hides nothin'.

But tha laughter perpetuates LIFE.
W' laugh not because we can,
but 'cuz we gots ta -
it just 'rupts outta us.

So w' learn to take nothin'
too seriously.
Emptee set.
Like uh...giant'd wide mouthin' one great big O-hoh-ho-oh-hoh.

You mightn't want nothin' to git inside you but
if'n God left the gate open when he went off on holiday
you wunder whether sumthin' mightn't of snuck in
and whether nothin' ain’t already inside it all.

Get comfterble.
Don’t be 'fraid.
En learn ta take nothin'
a li'l too seriously.

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