Monday, January 4, 2010

Bjork - All is Full of Love

This video is not what it seems. Seven hints/pieces of advice for Bjork's All is Full of Love video. There might be more going on here - if you find anything new or different than me, then let me know.

(For clarity's sake, i'll refer to robot arms as "robots" and the humanoid robots as "fembots".)

Watch the video first - then see below.

  1. The film is running out backwards. (Provided we assume traditional rules of physics, all the fluids which appear in this video run in the opposite direction that they should.) This is the first key to understanding.

  2. But why are the mouths of the humanoid robots not singing in reverse then? Why do their words continue to match up with their mouths? The answer: this is either a memory or a dream about a memory.

  3. The robots who assemble our fembot here seemed, at first viewing, to do so lov(e)ingly. The scene turns sinister when we realize the real process that is plays out in reverse, that it was all alone and lights out for her at the beginning of this video.

  4. This is a stage that the fembot players are playing upon. Are they puppets? Or are they robot humanoid actors playing for us and all the other robots out there...?

  5. The final scene is a sex scene. This seems like one kinky play: let's start 'er out with some hot fembot lesbian sex and polish 'er off with some good old disassembly and death!

  6. What is the conversation in the bathroom about? I still can't figure it out. Something makes me think it has to do with some kind of rejection, such that the blue fembot is sent for disassembly. Help here?

  7. What incredible emotion expressed by these expressionless faces! No seriously, think about it. Robot drama is totally opposite than human drama - less emotion expressed is best. Considering that, these must be a two of the worst fembot actors known to humanoid robot-kind.

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